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In today's information age, the Media Ministry aims to utilize multimedia as a tool to communicate the word of God. 

Housing its own production and pro editing suites, The Prayer Palace Media Ministry is dedicated to creative excellence in producing a variety of content made available to all its members and visitors. 

The Prayer Palace is one of the only churches in Canada which utilizes seven multimedia projection screens during services featuring an array of digital media sources purposed to enhance the overall experience at church! 

Members and visitors are able to participate in our Sunday praise and worship services singing together songs and hymns conveniently shown on large projection screens.

With multiple pro-editing suites, studios, and industry leading television and production equipment, The Prayer Palace Media Ministry produces and manages various media content available in the church bookstore; designs and maintains its official website, social media presence, online streaming, promotions and advertisements and more!

The Media Ministry is always looking for individuals with a creative eye and or the knowledge to being a part of weekly productions. 

For those interested looking to learn and or apply your skills in this ministry, please contact us:


• Camera Operators

• Lighting Operators

• Audio Operators

• Computer Operators

• General technical operations and maintenance


The Prayer Palace is widely recognized as a hallmark for its innovative, inspiring and life changing dramatic presentations. We believe in utilizing drama to reach out to communicate truth in a fresh and creative way. 

The Special Productions Ministry is here to support and enhance the work of God through live theatre. This ministry is frequently called upon to create church-wide productions for Christian holidays, sermon illustrations and other special occasions. 

The Prayer Palace is truly blessed to have an artistic community of talented believers who worship the Lord wholeheartedly and love to serve Him. The people who are involved in this ministry attend The Prayer Palace on a regular basis are gifted and called by God to use their talents to serve our congregation through dramatic presentation.


The Special Productions Ministry is designed to provide opportunities for service where artists can minister to each other, to the church and to the community.

If you are interested in the Special Productions Ministry and want to contribute your time and talents to the work of the Lord, please let us know. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers who truly enjoy their work and would love to serve the Lord and Prayer Palace with their talents.